What is accessibility and why does it matter?

To be accessible, this website must be as easy to use and understand for as many visitors as possible.

Can I change font sizes and the colours of the website?

Yes. This may be useful for you if you have low vision, and need larger fonts or high contrast colours. You can change the font size, a text only version and from a range of different background and foreground colours. You can alter the display settings of this website by using the toolbar at the top and centre of every page.

Site Map

The site map link is located at the foot of every page or you can click here.

Do I have to use a mouse to navigate the website?

No. Use your arrow keys to scroll up or down the page. You can use your Tab key to move between links, and press Return or Enter to select one. To go back to the previous page, use the Backspace key.

Access Keys

Included are the UK Government standard access keys throughout this web site to provide you with keyboard shortcuts to important sections.

If you are using a Windows-based system please press the 'Alt key' and the access key.

If you are using a Macintosh system please press the 'Ctrl key' and the access key.

The Access keys or keyboard shortcuts that replace the need to use a mouse for navigation are as follows:

ALT - S (press enter) Skip navigation
ALT - 2 (press enter) News
ALT - 5 (press enter) About Us
ALT - 9 (press enter) Sitemap
ALT - 0 (press enter) Access Key details
ALT - 3 (press enter) Site Map

The main menu navigation can be accessed using ALT - with numbers 1 - 8. Footer menus can be accessed using ALT with the underlined character.

Other formats

If you would like this information in any other format including large print, audio transcription or Braille please contact us.

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