Dress Bright For Sight

Published 9 September 2015

Sight Support Derbyshire staff get ready to Dress Bright For Sight

Businesses and organisations are being urged to ditch the drab and Dress Bright For Sight for a day to raise awareness about good eye health and boost funds for the county’s local sight loss charity.

National Eye Health Week runs from 21 to 27 September and staff and volunteers from Sight Support Derbyshire will be out and about raising awareness of the importance of looking after your eyes.

They are also launching Dress Bright For Sight to encourage employees to make a £1 donation in return for dressing in bright colours, boosting the charity’s services which provide practical, emotional and social support to blind and visually impaired people.

Fundraising and Communications Manager Eileen Bagguley, from Sight Support Derbyshire, explained: “We want to bring colour to the workplace, to the offices, workshops, kitchens and schools of Derbyshire. We want everyone to dress so brightly they will need to keep their sunglasses handy.

“In return we’ll be raising their awareness of looking after their eyes, like getting a regular break from the computer screen or wearing goggles to protect the eyes from injury. And we’ll be encouraging them to get their eyes tested regularly, even if they don’t wear glasses.”

Sight Support Derbyshire will be at key locations such as Derby Bus Station on 22 and 23 September, and Asda at Langley Mill on 24 September, giving advice about eye care and raising awareness of the charity’s services.

And at Chesterfield Royal Hospital, staff and volunteers from Sight Support Derbyshire’s hospital service will be holding an eye health quiz in clinics to raise awareness. Their role at the hospital is to offer advice and support to patients who have been diagnosed with sight loss.

Claire Winfield, Chief Executive, from Sight Support Derbyshire added: “The key to looking after your eyes is to have them regularly tested, eat healthily and exercise, wear sunglasses in bright sunshine and give up smoking.

“Everyone should have an eye test every two years, as it’s the only way to check the whole of your eye, and can detect changes to general health as well.

 “In Derby and Derbyshire there are an estimated 32,010 people living with some degree of sight loss, and this is predicted to rise to 39,640 by 2020*. Our aim is to always be here to support them, as we have done for over 100 years.”


*Figures from RNIB.


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