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CEO at Sight Support Derbyshire

Claire Winfield was appointed as the CEO at Sight Support Derbyshire in January 2013.  Claire joins us from the Royal Air Forces Association where she worked as the Director of Welfare.


IMPORTANT - Check Identity of All Callers

When someone calls at your door, do you remember to check their identity?

To be burgled whilst at home must be horrendous and very frightening for the person involved. Sadly distraction crimes are on the increase especially amongst the elderly and vunerable people. While the occupant is being distracted it leaves the opportunity for an accomplice to steal belongings.

Be on the lookout and use the doorstep code, wherever you live.

Remember- The Doorstep Code

Lock - keep your doors and windows locked, even when you're at home.

Stop - are you expecting anyone, do they have an appointment? Make sure the back door is locked - some thieves work in pairs with the other one sneaking in the back door while you're at the front door.

Chain - put the door bar or chain on before you open the door.

Check - check their identity carefully. Ask for an ID card. Close the door and using a phone number from the phone book or a relevant bill, not the one on the card, check your caller is genuine.

If in doubt, keep them out, particularly if you're on your own.

Ask them to make an appointment or come back later when someone else is around. Genuine callers won't mind. If you are suspicious, report the incident to the police. You may help prevent them from burgling someone else.

We would ask anyone who has any information regarding these crimes or know of anyone involved in this type of criminality to contact Derbyshire police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 to try and stop it happening to another person.

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