"I have always wanted to do a skydive, but wanted to do it for a local cause. I am feeling really nervous about it, and excited at the same time. Jumping out of a plane is easy compared to the challenges that many visually impaired people overcome on a daily basis.

I am really pleased to be raising money for Sight Support Derbyshire."

Clare Fullaway on taking part in a Tandem Skydive to raise money for Sight Support Derbyshire

"An experience of a lifetime, I can't wait for next year."

Martin Wilson - Abseiling at Jurys Inn Derby

"90% of the public say sight is the sense they most fear losing."

RNIB, 'Changing the way we think about Blindness', 2002

Payroll Giving
Just Giving

The Duke of Devonshire, KCVO, CBE, DL

"I'm delighted to witness an innovative business partnership between the charity and Flint Bishop Solicitors. Their work together creates a fantastic opportunity to promote legacy giving and ensure that blind and partially sighted people throughout Derbyshire receive the support and services they deserve."

CEO at Sight Support Derbyshire

Claire Winfield was appointed as the CEO at Sight Support Derbyshire in January 2013.  Claire joins us from the Royal Air Forces Association where she worked as the Director of Welfare.


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Two blind British men have electronic retinas fitted

Two British men who have been totally blind for many years have had part of their vision restored after surgery to fit pioneering eye implants.

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The importance of DLA - Watch the videos 

Terri, Siobhan and David are all registered blind. They are concerned that the challenges they face won't be recognised when the Government replaces Disability Living Allowance (DLA) with Personal Independence Payment (PIP), and that they may lose this vital support, which helps them to live safely and independently.

Watch their stories to find out more or take action immediately with RNIB to help protect this vital benefit.

NHS faces judicial review

The pharmaceutical company Novartis is challenging the use of a cheaper alternative to its drug Lucentis for a common cause of loss of vision.

The NHS in four areas in the south of England agreed last year that a drug called Avastin could be prescribed for the condition wet AMD.

To read more please click here...

TV Licensing and RNIB urge blind people to claim concession on their TV Licence

TV Licensing has launched a partnership with RNIB to ensure people who are registered blind are claiming their 50 per cent concession on their TV Licence. Over 40,000 blind concessionary licences were issued in the UK in the last 12 months, however the initiative aims to increase that number further by encouraging anyone who is registered but not claiming to apply for their licence now.

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Books for children with sight loss

One of the UK’s leading academic publishers has signed an exclusive deal with the National Blind Children’s Society (NBCS) to make its list available in large print

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Get Active with Walking Football

If you used to play football but now find the pace a bit too much or if you've never had the chance to be involved before, walking football is the perfect introduction to playing football for people aged 60 years and over.

All the rules are the same but with one big difference,  you can only walk - no running - no sprinting – just walking.

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Blind and Visual Impairment Football Coaching Event

Have you heard about blind football but never knew how to get involved?

or, do you have a visual impairment that limits your opportunities to play football?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, then this event is perfect for you!

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Dame Judi Dench battling to save her eyesight

Dame Judi Dench has revealed she can no longer read scripts after being diagnosed with a condition that can lead to blindness.

The actress has revealed she is suffering from macular degeneration, a disease of the retina that causes a progressive loss of eyesight, and said she can no longer see faces in front of her.

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Gene therapy gives sight back

Three US citizens who lost their sight in childhood have reported a dramatic improvement in vision after having gene therapy in both eyes.

There was some improvement after the genetic fault in one eye was corrected four years ago.

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