"When we had listened to the talk we had not realised how scary it was not to be able to see. We are pleased that we have been help raise some money towards Sight Support Derby."

Nicola Walker, Junior Warden

"From a professional point of view, they (Sight Support Derbyshire) have delivered an exemplary service, which has had a significant impact on all the Carers (and cared for) I have referred to them."

Area Co-ordinator: Derbyshire Carers Association

"I have always wanted to do a skydive, but wanted to do it for a local cause. I am feeling really nervous about it, and excited at the same time. Jumping out of a plane is easy compared to the challenges that many visually impaired people overcome on a daily basis.

I am really pleased to be raising money for Sight Support Derbyshire."

Clare Fullaway on taking part in a Tandem Skydive to raise money for Sight Support Derbyshire

"I am delighted to be a guest of honour at the forthcoming charity white collar boxing event, which is being organised to raise vital funds for this very worthwhile cause. White collar boxing is becoming an increasingly popular sport because it is such a positive way to keep the mind and body in great condition. I wish the organisers, Clive Fearon and his team, all the best for this event that I am really looking forward to. If you haven't yet bought tickets then I urge you to go to Clive's website so you can do your bit for charity whilst having a great night out."

 Former Rams player Michael Johnson

"The Bolsover Project is my life I love going out with my freinds. I do more now than I have ever done. I always look forward to the phone call asking me out."


"90% of the public say sight is the sense they most fear losing."

RNIB, 'Changing the way we think about Blindness', 2002

Payroll Giving

CEO at Sight Support Derbyshire

Claire Winfield was appointed as the CEO at Sight Support Derbyshire in January 2013.  Claire joins us from the Royal Air Forces Association where she worked as the Director of Welfare.


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Incredible bladeless treatment set to revolutionise eye surgery

A laser that vaporises cataracts in a fraction of a second is set to revolutionise treatment of an eye condition that affects more than half of Britons over 65.

Traditional treatment involves surgically removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with an artificial implant.

To read more on this story please click here...

Jamie Ward signs up for ‘Your eyes are amazing’

Most of us will live to a ripe old age and have many active years of retirement. But many of us will rely on support to be independent as we get older. Sight Support Derbyshire provides a range of professional services to thousands of blind and partially sighted people throughout the country to be independent. But there are thousands more who need help.

But Sight Support Derbyshire need help and you can help by making a regular donation which will make a real difference to people in their homes and at hospitals.

To read more please click here...

Deaf and blind man Roger Mulholland in Duke award

A man who is deaf and blind was among 109 young people in Devon who have been awarded Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards.

Roger Mulholland, 24, from Tiverton, walked 24 miles of coastal path in Pembrokeshire, Wales, over two days.

Please click here to

Blind photographer shows the world what she sees

Cathy Browne lives in Canada and has been blind since birth.

She has always dabbled in photography but it really took off when her life took that turn for the worse.  "[Photography] saved my sanity all this time and has given me, and I think other people, a great deal of pleasure and for that I'm really thankful."

Please click here to read more of this story...

We will do all we can to protect vital sight service

Ges Roulstone, our CEO, has written a public letter stating our intention to continue providing a a full range of services.

In response to Helen Clark's (secretary of the Mid-Derbyshire Constituency Labour Party) letter concerning the reduction of services to blind and partially sighted people, we would like to assure the Derby Telegraph readers that Sight Support Derbyshire will do everything in its power to maintain the full range of support services for our clients.

Please click here to

Sight Support Derbyshire's New Sparring Partner

Sight Support Derbyshire, the Derby-based charity that helps support those with visual impairment, has teamed up with Derby’s One Nation Health Studio to help raise funds at a series of white collar boxing events that will take place throughout 2012.

Please click here for more on this story...

Head and Griffiths team up with Sight Support Derbyshire

Head and Griffiths is a name associated with quality in premium made-to-measure tailoring.  Taking traditional elements of suit design and adding a fresh, contemporary style, creates interest and intrigue to make every wearer feel special.

Gents and Women’s tailoring allows each garment to look and feel unique. If you order a suit from Head and Griffiths, please make sure to mention Sight Support Derbyshire and Head and Griffiths will donate 15% of the cost to Sight Support Derbyshire.

Please click here to visit the Head and Griffiths website…

The one-stitch eye op that can help restore a failed cornea

It is a condition that causes the front of the eye to mist up. And for those who suffer a failed cornea – the clear front part of the eye – if left untreated, the condition will lead to blindness.

The most common cause is Fuchs’ dystrophy, a degenerative condition that affects older people.

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Deaf-blind artist's work on show

An artist from Essex who has limited sight and hearing hopes his work will act as an inspiration to others.

About 25 photographs by Ian Treherne, from Rochford, are to feature in an exhibition in London organised by the deaf-blind charity, Sense.

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Soccer Sight commentary for blind and partially sighted people

Soccer Sight was an RNIB project which aimed to bring quality football commentary to blind and partially sighted people at every professional football club in the UK. RNIB received support from The HBOS Foundation, We are V Youth Volunteering charity, the Football Foundation and the BBC to achieve this.

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